Quote of the Week – A Third Year of Inspiration

One of my first posts was about inspirational quotes that I use with colleagues at school, using one for each Of the 38 weeks of the term. In 2015 I followed this up with a second year’s  worth of quotes. You can find these collections here:

Here’s the third helping, with thanks to all those who have sent quotes that inspire them.

  1. I’ve come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It’s my personal approach that creates the climate. It’s my daily mood that makes the weather.  Haim Ginott
  2. What we want to see is the child in pursuit of education, not education in pursuit of the child. George Bernard Shaw
  3. There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. Nelson Mandela
  4. It’s always better to try. Even if you fail and fall, the good people around you will pick you up. Tinie Tempah (via @Chilledu)
  5. A teacher today creates ripples in time that extend to generations yet unborn. Not just impact in the here & now but in the here & forever. Jeff Goldstein
  6. Truly great schools don’t suddenly exist. You grow great teachers first who, in turn, grow a truly great school. John Tomsett
  7. Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, study, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do. Pele (via @10MillionMiler)
  8. Teaching is a beautiful job; as it allows you to see the growth day by day of people entrusted to your care. Pope Francis
  9. In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life. Albert Bandura
  10. What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul. Joseph Addison
  11. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. Winston Churchill
  12. Every child deserves a champion: An adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be. Rita Pierson
  13. Teaching, it turns out, is a team sport, where teachers make each other better fastest by building culture & sharing insights. Doug Lemov
  14. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ Martin Luther King
  15. The world is changed by your example, not your opinion. Paul Coelho
  16. More than anything else… teaching is about hope. Every child is the teacher’s hope for the future. Education happens when hope exceeds expectation. Teaching is what makes the difference. Andy Hargreaves & Michael Fullan
  17. Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future. Euripedes
  18. Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. George Washington Carver
  19. Upon the subject of education, not presuming to dictate any plan or system respecting it, I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in. Abraham Lincoln
  20. Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. G.K.Chesterton
  21. Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. HG Wells
  22. No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child. Abraham Lincoln
  23. Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor. H.Jackson Brown Jr.
  24. No matter how may years we’ve been teaching, we should feel a little bit like a rookie every year by trying something new and not being afraid to fail. Heidi Pauer
  25. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. Kofi Annan
  26. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. Jane Goodall
  27. A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers. Helen Keller
  28. The only thing you absolutely need to know is where the library is. Albert Einstein
  29. Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. Thomas H. Huxley
  30. If I ran a school, I’d give the top grades to those who made a lot of mistakes… And then told me what they’d learned from them. Buckminster Fuller
  31. The great aim of education is not knowledge but action. Herbert Spencer
  32. What did you ASK at school today?Richard Feynman
  33. Even when not fully attained, we become better by striving for a higher goal. Victor Frankl
  34. Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. William Bruce Cameron
  35. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller
  36. Good colleagues inspire and encourage each other… good colleagues compliment and complement each other. They keep themselves and they keep each other alive. Jonathan Smith (via Sir Tim Brighouse)
  37. Teaching is not something one learns to do, once and for all, and then practises problem free, for a lifetime… Teaching depends on growth and development and is practised in dynamic situations that are never the same twice. Wonderful teachers, young and old, will tell of fascinating insights, new understandings, unique encounters with youngsters, the intellectual puzzle and the ethical dilemmas that provide a daily challenge. Teachers above all must stay alive to this. William Ayers (via Tim Brighouse)
  38. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. Michael Jordan

I hope you find these quotes useful. Comments are always welcome, as are any quotes you may have found particularly helpful. I’ve done my best to check they are all attributed correctly; please let me know if you spot any errors.

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