Ten ways you know it’s the start of term.

Feeling a bit disoriented after that lovely holiday? Here’s my top ten list of things that tell you the new term has started!

  1. You breathe out a sigh of relief that the waistband of your work clothes still fits – and a button pops off.
  2. When you finally find your lanyard again you realise that the age gap between your staff ID photo and reality has widened yet further.
  3. As a result of the ‘holiday IT update’ your computer crashes when you try to log in.
  4. There are now 247 emails in your inbox.
  5. Some one asks’Sir?’ / ‘Miss?’ And for a moment you wonder who they’re talking to.
  6. The bells, the bells! Your life becomes Pavlovian again.
  7. At least a dozen new educational acronyms (NEAs) seem to have been invented since the end of last term.
  8. You scald yourself with your coffee, not having time to let it cool down.
  9. You spend more time with your legs crossed as you can no longer just pop to the loo when you need to.
  10. After your busy day, you realise that you have to get up at THAT TIME again tomorrow…

So, how many did you score out of ten at the start of this term? Remember, though, what you do makes a real difference and at least there’s no time to be bored!

Anything I missed? What would you put in the top ten?


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