Premier Pupil Premium – Improving our Provision

We’ve been reviewing our use of the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) recently and I’ve drawn on several ideas in an attempt to focus what we do on achieving the greatest impact. You can read my earlier blog with some thoughts on the PPG here and about my developing my school’s PPG plan for 2014-15 here. I’d like to … Continue reading “Premier Pupil Premium – Improving our Provision”


Can the Pupil Premium level the playing field?

This post is inspired by the #SLTchat discussion on Sunday 16th April, hosted by Russell Hobby of the NAHT. The discussion focussed on the impact of economic disadvantage on education and issues around the pupil premium grant (PPG). The PPG is vital funding for many schools. Around a third of the pupils at my school are … Continue reading “Can the Pupil Premium level the playing field?”

Making the Most of the Pupil Premium

Reviewing Pupil Premium Last term I led the review of my school’s use of the Pupil Premium. As well as reviewing impact, we wanted to share a fuller analysis on our website. For readers outside the UK, the Pupil a Premium is funding intended to tackle the effects of income disadvantage. A third of our … Continue reading “Making the Most of the Pupil Premium”

Top of the agenda

A while ago I wrote a post, inspired by one by Stephen Tierney, about focussing daily on the things that really make a difference in school: Down to brass tacks. That was about the day-to-day interactions that make the most difference. In this post I’m considering strategic priorities for school improvement. One of the features … Continue reading “Top of the agenda”

Tackling behaviour to improve learning – a rocky road but we’re getting there

Last year I wrote a post called ‘Progress on behaviour – Haven’t I seen this graph somewhere before’ about work I had been leading on improving the behaviour of pupil premium students for whom we had identified poor behaviour as the main inhibitor to learning. That became my most read post by quite a long margin. … Continue reading “Tackling behaviour to improve learning – a rocky road but we’re getting there”

Progress on Behaviour – Haven’t I Seen This Graph Somewhere Before?

Last summer I wrote a post about a more focussed approach to meeting the needs of disadvantaged students: Premier Pupil Premium. In this I mentioned groups we were focusing on, including those students receiving the pupil premium whose challenging behaviour seemed the main inhibitor to progress. We also set up a comparator group of students … Continue reading “Progress on Behaviour – Haven’t I Seen This Graph Somewhere Before?”

Engaging with parents: making time for what makes a difference

In recent months I’ve been thinking about what really makes a difference at school. Inspired by a post by @leadinglearner, I wrote this post In January on ‘brass tacks’. At the same time I have also been trying to improve my organisation and time management. My recent posts on this include getting to grips with … Continue reading “Engaging with parents: making time for what makes a difference”

Ofsted Offerings 2 – Preparing for a Section 8 Visit

last March, I wrote about our section 5 Ofsted inspection. You can read that post here. In this post, I share our experiences of preparing for a Section 8 monitoring visit in December 2015. Getting the Call If you are judged RI in an inspection, you know there will be a follow-up monitoring visit, so … Continue reading “Ofsted Offerings 2 – Preparing for a Section 8 Visit”