Workload Planning for Peak Times

This is the second in a planned series of posts on tackling workload issues in schools, so teachers can focus on the most effective activities. Originally posted in February 2015, this post was updated in April 2015, and again in April 2016. Planning for the Pressure Points  One important way in which school leaders can … Continue reading “Workload Planning for Peak Times”

Workload – a small step in the right direction

Inspired by #SLTchat The #SLTchat discussion on workload on 7th December inspired me to think of ways to embed principles on limiting workload into practice. If you haven’t yet taken part, SLTchat is an excellent Twitter school leadership discussion forum each Sunday 8.00pm – 8.30pm (UK time). Do give it a go – you’ll pick … Continue reading “Workload – a small step in the right direction”

Dear Santa… I’m writing again for Christmas 2017.

Dear Santa, You may recall that I wrote to you last year with my wish list of educational gifts. I’m writing again this year with an update, even though some of my year 10 class tell me you don’t exist (don’t worry’ they’ll grow out of it). You’ll notice that many of the things I … Continue reading “Dear Santa… I’m writing again for Christmas 2017.”

Top of the agenda

A while ago I wrote a post, inspired by one by Stephen Tierney, about focussing daily on the things that really make a difference in school: Down to brass tacks. That was about the day-to-day interactions that make the most difference. In this post I’m considering strategic priorities for school improvement. One of the features … Continue reading “Top of the agenda”

And now for something completely different

We spent last week at school doing things that were completely different. We do this every year, using gained time from years 11 & 13, and year 10 being on work experience to suspend the timetable for years 7, 8 & 9 so we can challenge ourselves to work in different ways, try something new, … Continue reading “And now for something completely different”

Let it Go – Achieving a better work-life balance.

I wrote my original post about using Brandon Smit’s self-regulatory technique to improve work-life balance in January 2016. I then updated it at with some reflections after trying it out for a couple of months. In short, I’d really recommend giving it a go. Last year I wrote a post, Getting the Better of Email, … Continue reading “Let it Go – Achieving a better work-life balance.”

Workable Wellbeing

Inspired by the @SLTchat discussion about wellbeing on 6/9/15, I have collated some of the easily implementable ideas we use to promote wellbeing at St Gregory the Great Catholic School in Oxford. Some updates added on 10th October 2015 to mark World Mental Health Day. 1. Free tea & coffee in our staff room. This … Continue reading “Workable Wellbeing”