About Rodger Caseby

I have taught for over 25 years in Oxfordshire schools and colleges. During this time I have been a class teacher, Head of Department, Assistant Head and Deputy Head. Subjects I teach include A level psychology and biology, GCSE Science and Computer Science, and KS3 Science. I have also supported reading and preparation for the phonics assessment in key stage 1. In 2018 I became an education officer at Oxford University Museum of Natural History, moving to the Bodleian Libraries in January 2019.

My professional interests are Teaching and Learning, particularly in respect to inclusion and equity for economically disadvantaged students and those with special educational needs or disabilities, School Leadership, Professional Development, Growth Mindset, and improving progress through quality feedback. I am also interested in the link between staff wellbeing and student outcomes, and strategies to help different groups of disadvantaged students make better progress, leading to improved outcomes within and beyond school.

I recently worked on an HLF-funded project to increase participation, achievement and cultural capital among KS2 and KS3 children, especially those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. I am now involved in helping secondary schools make the most of exhibitions, resources and activities at the Bodleian Libraries in Oxford.


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